Welcome to Temporary Campus Exterior Activities Requests

Outdoor activities cannot be guaranteed for approval if a request is submitted less than 7 business days in advance

University recognized Welcome Week 2023 dates are still pending.

How to have an outdoor event at U-M

(An event is a temporary outdoor activity on campus)


  1. Event Idea
    • Meeting with your organization to determine the following questions regarding your event:
      •  1) What?  2) When?  3) Who?  4) Where?  5) Why?  6) How?
  2. Review AVPFO Events Website Info.
    • All outdoor events held on UM’s campus must be approved by the Associate Vice President’s Office for Facilities & Operations (AVPFO) Office of Alcohol, Events & Filming by completing an online Outdoor Event Request form.
      • This form applies to all designated outdoor common areas on the UM-Ann Arbor Campus with the following exceptions: Central Campus Diag, Eda U. Gerstacker Grove (North Campus Diag), Nichols Arboretum, Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Rec Sports facilities and Stephen M. Ross Athletic Campus.
    • Review the university guidelines and policies for outdoor events
      • Make adjustments to your event as needed
  3. Submit Outdoor Events Request
    • Outdoor event space is a first-come, first-serve basis with up to 12 months in advance, which means we only hold the requested outdoor space for an event once the request form and layout have been submitted.
    • Submit Outdoor Event Request Form.
    • Receive confirmation of your event submission.
    • Wait to hear back from the AVPFO Outdoor Events office, unless your event is a week or less from the event date.
  4. Discussion
    • Understand the University retains the right to cancel, deny, postpone, or alter arrangements for any event if necessary. Any misrepresenting the nature of the activity or failure to fully disclose pertinent details regarding this event, may result in additional charges or denial of future outside facility use.
    • Include any updated/adjusted event items as you are continuing to plan as they emerge prior to the event date.
  5. Receive Approved Permit
    • Read thoroughly through your outdoor event permit and contact AVPFO if concerns/questions arise on the permit fo-events@umich.edu (734)615-9075.
  6. Take Action
    • All policies and guidelines stated within the Outdoor Event Permit must be followed for the event to be valid.
    • Contact event personnel and make arrangements/submissions to university departments that are listed as required within your permit.
    • ANY and ALL changes must be approved by the University of Michigan AVPFO Office for your event to be valid.
    • Keep the permit onsite with the coordinator during all hours of events.
  7. Have a memorable & safe event!