Facilities and Operations has primary responsibility for the stewardship of the university's physical properties, including 37 million square feet of building space. We are responsible for sophisticated and complex academic, research and clinical facilities, as well as associated environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance. F&O is a positive organization dedicated to the principles of being respectful, collaborative, solutions-based, and proactive.

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Project Highlight

Detroit Observatory

The Detroit Observatory was built in 1854 and quickly became the centerpiece of scientific advancement at U-M. Now, 168 years later and after a three-year expansion project, it is ready for the U-M community and public to again explore the stars.

The new addition makes this space a popular and productive feature of U-M’s campus once again. Classroom, event and exhibit space make the entire facility more accessible to all visitors — while still preserving the historic integrity of the observatory. Read more...