Service Guides

Facilities & Operations provides a full suite of services to care for the university’s Ann Arbor campus facilities. Learn more about how we can help meet your facility needs below.

Working with F&O

If your unit is seeking a specific level or type of service, contact us!

• F&O has unparalleled knowledge of university facilities and procedures.

• F&O service contracts clearly define what is included and build upon services already provided by F&O to help you avoid finding out too late that a service you need isn’t included.

• Our work order system makes information about your requests visible to you at any time. Being informed can be a big relief when people come to you asking for updates!

• We provide training for facility managers to help them learn how to use certain systems or equipment, reducing the need to place or pay for service calls.

• As a core university unit, F&O is reliable. Our staff have years of experience and are dedicated to Making Blue Go.

Structure of Services

General Fund

General fund spaces receive a wide range of common services. Many are available at no cost to the unit, while others are customer-pay (to be paid by the unit).

Service level agreements are available to general fund units that would like to upgrade specific services.


Auxiliary units (such as Student Life and Athletics) typically have service level agreements (SLAs) for recurring services with F&O, which outline the type, frequency, and cost of services provided by F&O. Services not covered by an SLA can often be provided on a customer-pay basis.

Service Agreements

Any unit on campus can engage F&O to provide select services through a customized contract, which may take the form of a service level agreement (SLA) or a less formal agreement.

Examples include:

• Fire suppression system maintenance at Michigan League, a building shared by general fund and auxiliary units

• Refrigeration maintenance at the Health Services Building, a general fund building with department-specific needs including ice makers, coolers, and freezers

• Services above and beyond the Grounds Services Maintenance Standards, such as maintaining flower pots near a building entryway

We are happy to develop a service agreement with you. Please contact the Facilities Service Center at 734-647-2059 or to determine if it’s an option for the services you need.