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The university’s Real Estate Office reports to the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer through the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations. The Real Estate Office handles all real estate matters at the university, including those involving the hospitals and health centers, UM-Flint and UM-Dearborn.

When a real estate transaction involves a gift, they work closely with the Office of the Vice President for Development staff and unit development staff. The Real Estate Office also works in close collaboration with the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (Provost) staff.


The Real Estate Office is responsible for the following transactions:

Real Estate
  • Purchases of real estate
  • Sales of university-owned property
  • Acceptance of gift property (please see University of Michigan Real Estate Policy)
  • Access to university property including easements, licenses, memoranda of understanding, and access agreements
  • Property encumbrances, restrictions and legal descriptions of real estate
  • Surveys
  • Mineral rights and leases of mineral rights
  • Leases for office, commercial, or storage space
  • Availability of non-university lease space
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Liaison with landlords

Note: The Real Estate Office does not handle self-storage unit rentals.

Property Management
  • Leasing, maintenance, and finances associated with certain U-M properties until they are either demolished, sold, or transferred to another department
Documents & Policies  
Staff Member Contact Primary Contact For:
Judy Kirkdorffer
(734) 763-2302
Acceptance of gift property
Chris Allen
(734) 647-9852
Sale of real estate to U-M
All other topics

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