Our mission is to provide
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FOIS optimizes information access and provides the tools for efficient processing of financial, material and other operational transactions.


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Our Work

FOIS provides information technology (IT) solutions, tools, and services to all Facilities and Operations units. FOIS consists of 40 employees grouped into several sub-groups.


System security

File sharing and storage

Document management

Information Integration

business analytics


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Major Projects

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Casper TimeClock

Electronic timecard system that enables hourly staff to swipe their MCard into a computer to clock-in and clock-out of work. Automates timekeeping.

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AECtion/AiM integration

AECtion is used to manage U-M building projects. AiM is used to manage work order maintenance for all U-M buildings. Integrating these two systems will significantly automate the building lifecycle management from design and construction to maintenance, renovation and eventual replacement.

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Business Intelligence

BI captures data for visualization and reporting to aid management in data-driven decision making across all F&O systems.

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Intranet development

Private website for F&O leadership and staff. F&O personnel will be able to access information, launch applications, and publish information for the internal operations of F&O.

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Automated Workflow

The automation of manual workflow from paper to electronic form to reduce time on administrative tasks and operational work.

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Infrastructure Improvement

Optimization of server, network, and storage systems to provide fault tolerance, and improve performance, security, and access.