FO training building

F&O Training and Events Office

Training provides support in the areas of employee and organizational development and ensures compliance with regulatory training requirements.

Outdoor Events reviews, coordinates, and permits over 600 events and film shoots on university property annually. They also oversee non-profit special liquor license applications to the state Liquor Control Commission.

F&O Training Office Services
  • Coordinate training support classes and programs for F&O staff and departments
  • General inquiries and Training Room reservations
  • Liaise with F&O Departments to determine specific training needs
  • Track employee training history, learning tracks, and requirements
Outdoor Events Services
  • Collaborate with F&O partners and other university units on event and filming permits
  • Enforce U-M Regents ordinances, university policies, and federal and state laws and regulations
  • Maintain confidential and secure information

fo training team

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Staff Assignment
Ann Zalucki
  • F&O Training & Events Manager and Associate
  • Director of the Film Office
April Fielek
  • Training Coordination
  • Alcohol Licenses
Marissa Killian

  • Events & Filming Management
  • Special Projects
Chris Riggs
  • Events
  • Special Projects
Gene Weincouff
  • Training Coordination
  • Apprenticeship Programs
Guy Lin

  • Learning Management Data System Analyst

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