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Operational Support

Facilities and Operations Operational Support includes training, information services, human resources, and finance.

  • F&O Training Office

    As part of F&O’s Operational Support team, the Training Office helps F&O employees excel and grow in their career paths. The Training Office oversees organizational, technical, and leadership training support for all Facilities & Operations staff, ensuring that each department is positioned for continuous improvement and to meet ever-changing challenges.

  • F&O Information Services

    As part of F&O’s Operational Support team, Information Services (FOIS) optimizes information retrieval and provides the tools for the efficient processing of financial, material and other operational transactions. FOIS supports F&O’s business data processing needs including enterprise software applications, database management, reporting, infrastructure, building and utility information management and website support.

  • F&O Human Resources

    As part of F&O’s Operational Support team, F&O Human Resources (FOHR) works with all F&O units to create a respectful, collaborative, solutions-based, and proactive work environment for all employees. FOHR oversees HR strategy, employee and labor relations, talent acquisition and retention, performance management, compensation planning, policy interpretation, and all other HR related responsibilities.

  • F&O Finance

    As part of F&O’s Operational Support team, the Finance Team provides seamless financial support and oversight to F&O departments enabling them to effectively deliver service to the university. F&O Finance services include accounting support, budget and rates development, internal control, HR transactions, and payroll and timekeeping, among others.