Andy Berki


Office of Campus Sustainability

As head of the Office of Campus Sustainability, Andy is responsible for leading operational sustainability efforts associated with the institutions long-term sustainability goals, as well as working closely with the Graham Sustainability Institute (GSI) on cross functional sustainability programs with the academic/research community. Andy directs programs involving energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, sustainable food, laboratory chemical reduction, and sustainable culture on campus. Andy also works closely with Athletics, Hospitals and Health Centers, and Student Life on pursuing institutional sustainability priorities established by leadership.

Andy was manager of the Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS) since its creation by former President Coleman in 2009, and was responsible for leading an Integrated Assessment with GSI to develop the institutions long term sustainability goals on greenhouse gas reduction, waste reduction, sustainable food, reduction in land applied chemicals, sustainable transportation, water quality, and sustainable culture. In addition to working with units across campus on projects that directly impact the goals, OCS is responsibility for quantitatively tracking and reporting progress on the goals to leadership.

Prior to leading OCS in 2009, Andy assumed the role of Sustainability Coordinator reporting up through the Department of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health where he worked across operational units on projects to reduce the institutions environmental footprint related to waste reduction, energy conservation and the reduction of chemical waste generated in research and teaching laboratories on campus. Andy also is still actively involved with lecturing in several undergraduate and graduate courses related to environmental law and policy and environmental sustainability.

Andy holds a professional certification from the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, a bachelor of science degree in environmental management from the University of Michigan DANA School of Natural Resources, and completion of the UM Business and Finance leadership academy.

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